Writing for Writers - My 2022 Writing Tool

It’s not a goal to write so many words a day, and it’s not a resolution to write every day. It is a new practice that I hope will lead me to write a certain number of words every day.

I have picked up several small lined notebooks that I keep by my bed, carry into the living room, and take along in my car. These are my new writing tool; it is a consolidated place to jot down ideas, lines, and outlines of stories and essays that I may write into a longer piece. No longer do I need to paper clip napkins, backs of envelopes, and errent index cards to one another to keep my ideas for writing together. It’s a simple tool, but one that has been surprisingly effective. I am coming up with, and writing down, more ideas than I ever have before.

The small size works for me. It is portable and discrete, which means I carry it around more than I have in the past. The pages are small and lined. It gives me the sense of having a more developed idea rather than staring at the five lines that I have written in a school size spiral notebook.

What works for me may not work for you, and that’s okay. If you like to write on backs of envelopes, or if school sized spiral notebooks work for you, keep at it. Maybe you would rather create documents on your computer or phone, which is a valid thing to do. Maybe this type of writing seems tedious or a waste of words, that is perfect too.

This small journal that I can carry around works for me. I find myself writing at least 200 - 1000 words everyday without promises made to myself or others. This is my new writing practice for 2022. It may not work for you, so I challenge you to find something that does. Or don’t, and that’s fine too.


Jen Haertling loves teaching English and writing. She is a former English teacher with a degree in writing. Jen is currently pursuing an MFA in the field.

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